Blind Spot

Blind Spot

A memory game where players must find shapes on screen after disappearing

Blind Spot is a puzzle game developed by Novel Games, which helps improving players’ short term memory by displaying different geometric shapes on screen and then clearing them off, so that afterwards the player tries to point to their exact location to win points.
This game is just like the classic Memory board games that surely anyone has played. The ultimate goal is to remember the position of the shapes that were displayed on the screen, and the closer the player gets to the centre of a previous shape’s location, the higher the scores will be.
Blind Spot can be downloaded and can be installed on any computer, since it was developed using Flash; all that is required to play the game is a Flash player/ Air and your kids will have hours of fun.
The main purpose of the game is to develop the player’s skills. Unlike an adventure or a role play game, it enhances the concentration and association and it can be played by one or more players.
Though it is fun, players may get tired of the game, since the challenge and the game play is always the same. On the other side, it’s educative and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Max Santillana
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  • Available for Linux, Mac & Wondows
  • Educational
  • Develops memory
  • Free & Fun


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